The Automat Kalashnikov 47 is an assault rifle in ZombiU.

Base Statistics
Weapon Type(s) Assault Rifle
Damage 66
Fire Rate 0.09s
Reload  ?
Spread 6.60
Capacity 30
Scope? NO
Silencer? NO
Upgrade Statistics
Upgraded Damage 75
Upgraded Fire Rate 0.07s
Upgraded Spread 5
Upgraded Capacity 40

A Russian assault rifle, the AK-47 is an extremely powerful weapon, blending automatic firepower with strong firepower and decent accuracy. Unfortunately, ammunition for it is rather scarce, as it uses the rare and valuable Assault Rifle Ammunition.

The weapon is found in the Tower of London, where a member of The Ravens of Dee appears to have left it behind in their haste to escape the area. The player will put it to much better use soon enough.


The AK-47 is the game's strongest weapon in terms of DPS; only the SA80A2 is anywhere close to how strong it is. It offers enormous firepower - enough to cut even an enraged Infected to pieces in seconds - but it also correspondingly goes through ammunition extremely quickly. Firing single shots or short bursts will help preserve ammo, but the combination of the scarcity of assault rifle ammo and the automatic fire rate means you will still burn through ammo alarmingly fast.

The AK-47, paradoxically, has a better effective range than the SA80A2, offset by the fact that it kicks much harder. Because of this, the SA80A2 is usually considered the better weapon of the game, though the AK-47 can reliably best it in most combat situations if the player is lucky with ammo drops.

Correctly used, the AK-47 is a powerful force and a major advantage against groups of Infected. Whether the player uses it, its more efficient British counterpart, or both is a decision best left to the individual.