The British Armed Forces consisting of ; British Army, Royal Air Force, and Naval Service. The British Armed Forces are a leading military power in line with Russia, United States, and France, and Germany.

Included in the B.A.F are members of the Queen's Guard, the official name given to the soldiers who guard the Tower of London,St.James Palace, and Buckingham Palace the official residence of the Reigning Monarch,the Queen Elizabeth the Second. The status of the Queen, the Royal Family, and the Prime Minister is unknown. Long Live the Queen.

While the Queen's Guard are more publicly known and seen, the lesser known and supposedly to exist unit known as "OMEGA GROUP" are the Queen's and Royal family's elite body guards, most likely taken from the best of the best from the British special Forces, Special Air Service, commonly known as S.A.S.  Few actually members are known; the prepper, a former member of "OMEGA GROUP" and former Radio Signaler in British Army. A unnamed former Queen's Guard shot in Buckingham Palace's garden by the Queen's Gaurd ,who was most likely attempting to get the Queen to listen to the Blight conspiracy.Dr.Knight,a former Army medic and the only known scientist working on the cure


Queen's Guardsman using a the SA80, used by the Guard and Army.

At the entrance and streets in front of Buckingham Palace are several Police Vans and Armored vehicles, sandbangs, and a emplaced machine gun, showing that a defence was put up. It is unknown when the barricade was put up and overrun, If the barricade was abandoned after important members were evacuated or reached the bunker.  What appears to be a crashed Chinook lies at the entrance of the gate, perhaps it was a evacuation helicopter that went down with a infected member on board. 

Several undead members of "Omega Group" are found in the Royal Underground Bunker, most likely the last line of defence for Dr.Knight's research lab, which is located in side the Royal Bunker under the Palace.