The Bug-Out Bag (often abbreviated as BOB) is the player's survival kit, inventory and contains items such as maps and weapons.

The Bug-Out Bag is accessed via the Wii U's gamepad.


  • The BOB has 3 levels
    • The regular BOB is retrieved from John Doe's zombified body, and has 10 reserve slots.
    • The XL is found in Buckingham Palace, and has 12 reserve slots.
    • The XXL is found in King Borris's Arena, and has 18 reserve slots. One can also be found before the arena in the mine-filled park. It is located near in a cracked wall. Destroy the wall with C4 and the backpack will be in front of you.
  • All survivors spawn with a Bug-Out Bag, courtesy of The Prepper.
  • King Borris seems to know what a BOB is, and how valuable it is to the survivors; he very well may of been one of the Prepper Survivors.

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