Cricket Bat
Cricket Bat
The location of the Cricket Bat outside the Safehouse

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ZombiU - L'aventure Horrifique - Le metro Londonien - Episode 1

ZombiU - L'aventure Horrifique - Le metro Londonien - Episode 1

"Go on. Pick up the Cricket Bat. Don't be squeamish. Then knock those Infected for six"
- The Prepper

The Cricket Bat is one of the melee weapons featured in ZombiU.


Cricket Bat Locations

Cricket Bat Locations.

Along with the L9A1 Pistol, the Cricket Bat is a standard weapon in ZombiU. Every survivor starts out with a Cricket Bat (except the very first). It is extremely helpful against individual (or pairs of) Infected, as the cricket bat can swing faster than most Infected can attack, and allow you to knock a zombie to the ground to perform a brutal finisher, making it very valuable against smaller groups. It is also a silent killer, while firearms can alert more enemies.

If you are attacked by a group of Infected, however, you will most likely need to use firearms. When using a firearm, any foes that are lying down or crawling can still be killed with a finisher (using an alternate animation where the survivor stomps on the Infected's head). The two finishers have the same effect, and are only aesthetically different.

Uplay RewardsEdit

Players can also unlock custom cricket bat skins as a Uplay reward. Besides the standard look, Which are:

  • Punk is not dead
  • Pin-up
  • Union Jack
  • Swag-Up


  • Time your swings. A miss can get you killed, or worse!
  • It takes two hits to down a standard infected; One will stagger it, and the second will knock it down. While it is down, you can approach it's head and hold ZR to instantly kill it.
  • Use the Cricket bat to smash the heads of corpses. This will ensure that they won't get up when you have your back turned.
  • Obstacles, such as fences, can be used to your advantage when using the bat. As an Infected attempts to crawl over, you can hit it safely, or even get a ZR finisher if you time it correctly


The cricket bat might be a reference to the movie Shaun of the Dead (2004). The movie, which also takes place in London, has the main character using one as his main weapon.