During the game, you will come across letters that tell you a bit about the past of ZombiU. Below will be a description of what is on the letters, in order of appearance.

Ron Freedman's ApartmentEdit

Address on Envelope:    

St. George's Mental NHS Trust                                                                                                                           7 Corbell Road, London, SW17 7DJ                                                                                                                                                        

Dear John,                                                                                                                                                        

I'll never forget everything you've given me. Our time together was the happiest of my life.... but now those memories are tarnished, and I want it to stop. We both know you don't belong in the trauma unit. But the injustice of it all has changed you. You're not the man I fell in love with any more, the man who risked (and lost) everything to try to prepare the world for the coming storm. That man seems to be dead. Looking back, your letters have become more and more bitter over time, filled with cynicism and contempt, God knows. I can't blame you, after everything that has happened! But I don't want to know this new man. I don't think we have anything constructive to say to one another anymore. If I do somehow survive the Blight, if any of us do, it'll be thanks to you, I owe that to the man I loved. He'll remain a part of me.        forever.        

Forgive me.  


The SafehouseEdit

Dear John,

I'm sorry, but I just don't think we're going to agree on this point of interpretation. You seem dead set on   "scorched earth" reading of the BP, whereas I (and Ron, and many others) see it more as a warning that we need to help people, not stand by and watch it as it happens.                                                                             

I know you're angry with me and Ron for arguing with you at the last meeting, but I hope you can see that we're just advocating a "better safe then sorry" approach. It's like global warming -- if we're wrong, well, at least we tried to make the world a better place, and no harm done. But if we're right, and we don't act quickly. we're putting the whole planet in danger. I wish you could see that.                                                                    

We're not trying to shut you out or shoot you down, like you suggested. I know you said those thing in the heat of the moment, but even if you didn't mean them. they hurt. Your experience is invaluable to us, that's why I was asked to recruit you in the first place.                                                                                                            

But we're not children, and we do understand your point of view. We just Disagree.                                          

The council has asked me to suggest you take some time off from the meetings, because they don't feel you're being productive right now. I'm not going to do that, because I still love you and know how much being excluded from the council would frustrate you, but I agree this fatalist agenda isn't productive.              

I'm about to leave for Clermont-Ferrand. to see what I can dig up in their Library about the Physici, as discussed at the last meeting.   But I'll be back in time for Bonfire Night, so I'll call you and we can go up Ally Pally for the display. It's been too long since we spent an evening together. and I'm sorry about that.

The PalaceEdit

  • The Angel chided me, thus: 'Ignorance was the nakedness whereby you were first tormented. and the first Plague that fell upon man was the wanting of science... the want of science hinders you from knowledge of your own self.'
  • The patients succumb immediately to infection in the region where the malady enters the body. Violent convulsions follow, and the veins turn black as ink. Poison blood radiates from the wound, spreading like the roots of a venemous tree, accelerated by unnatural haste... It would be beautiful, were it not for its dark design.
  • In some subjects, pockets filled with a rich, acrid pus form near hot, inflamed areas around the groin, armpits, and jaw. I have extracted this liquid for further investigation...


This is Gillian, the nursery manager. I'm... not sure what's happening. but I'm taking the children down to the basement. The screaming outside is upsetting them, and cotten wool in their ears isn't enough... Sorry, I'm sorry, just... oh please, just get us out of here... Oh God.

Dr.Knights quarantineEdit


  • The Prepper was the man who tried to prepare everyone from the Blight. He hates Sondra, and she wrote to him, begging for his forgiveness. This most likely means that John is The Prepper.