Evolved are a type of special infected in ZombiU. These zombies are very rare to find, with only three of them being encountered in the entire game. Keep in mind that they are very dangerous enemies and should only be fought with good equipment.  As for abilities, these infected have unique abilities. They are capable of teleportation, often doing this when damaged and can also emit a charge of electricity that will disable your prepped pad for a short while. The first Evolved is encountered in the nursery. This one was an infected nurse that ate all the staff and children of the nursery. It is fought in the building's storage area. The other two are found in Buckingham Palace in the room before finding Dr. Knight. If you attempt to loot the nursery Evolved after you have killed it, it will get up and scream in your face one last time before falling back down. These infected have a ghostly appearance, probably from degrading over time. They are distinguished by their white aurora around them. As to how they got their powers this is unknown. Perhaps they got infected by a certain strain of the virus.  The Benelli M4 shotgun is a great weapon against these foes. If you want to see a picture of this infected, check the Baconfield page.

ZombiU - 2

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