L9A1 Pistol
A Survivor preparing to shoot an Infected with the L9A1 Pistol.
Base Statistics
Weapon Type(s) Ranged, Handgun
Damage 77
Fire Rate 0.30s
Reload 3.45s
Spread 3.00
Capacity 13
Scope? NO
Silencer? NO
Upgrade Statistics
Upgraded Damage 88
Upgraded Fire Rate 0.24s
Upgraded Spread 2.50
Upgraded Capacity 16
ZombiU - L'aventure Horrifique - Le metro Londonien - Episode 132:19

ZombiU - L'aventure Horrifique - Le metro Londonien - Episode 1

"That's a Browning Hi-Power. One of the most reliable handguns in the world. It won't let you down."
- The Prepper

The L9A1 Pistol, more commonly known as the L9A1 Browning or Browning Hi-Power, is a semi-automatic handgun available in ZombiU.

Cricket Bat Locations00:40

Cricket Bat Locations.


The L9A1 is the standard firearm in ZombiU. Along with the Cricket Bat, every survivor starts out with a L9A1 Pistol and 6 handgun ammunition.

Due to Handgun Ammunition being so common along the course of the game, this makes the L9A1 Pistol one of the most effective weapons in the game, along with other Handguns. This weapon is most effective on individual or small groups of Infected due to its low damage and fire rate.

The L9A1 Pistol does not include the silencer; meaning that it could be more noisy and alert more close by Infected, nor does it include a scope; meaning it is difficult to damage Infected at a distance.


  • Mission 01: Located in the Bug-Out Bag (backpack) on the Infected Survivor in the Safe House travel shop.
  • Mission 14: In a small birdbath in the courtyard of the St. George Church.


  • L9A1 Browning, is the British Armed Forces designation for the Browning Hi-Power handgun
  • Together with the Cricket Bat, you cannot drop this weapon.

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