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File:150px-4231607.pngFile:150px-Avatar.jpgFile:180px-Zombi box.jpeg
File:600x-1.jpgFile:Admin Badge - ZombiU Wikia Admin.pngFile:Attack of the killer freaks from outer space.PNG
File:Automatic Turret.PNGFile:Avatar.pngFile:BOB XXL.PNG
File:Blighter.pngFile:Boxart.pngFile:Camera box (off).PNG
File:Capa escopeta tática.pngFile:Capa taco.pngFile:ChatMod.png
File:Comment.pngFile:Cover large.jpgFile:Crawler.png
File:Cricket Bat Locations.File:Cricket bat normal.PNGFile:Dancing Infected.jpg
File:DefaultCricketBat.jpgFile:DefaultCricketBatInHand.jpgFile:Dr. Knight.png
File:Dr. Knight Comic.pngFile:Enfield.pngFile:Example.jpg
File:FlashPlayerPlugin 11 5 502 135 2012-12-13 15-55-35-18 0001.jpgFile:FlashPlayerPlugin 11 5 502 135 2012-12-13 16-00-28-84 0001.jpgFile:FlashPlayerPlugin 11 5 502 135 2012-12-13 16-23-03-20 0001.jpg
File:FlashPlayerPlugin 11 5 502 135 2012-12-13 16-35-26-22 0001.jpgFile:FlashPlayerPlugin 11 5 502 135 2012-12-13 16-42-03-82 0001.jpgFile:FlashPlayerPlugin 11 5 502 135 2012-12-13 16-46-27-78 0001.jpg
File:FlashPlayerPlugin 11 5 502 135 2012-12-13 16-53-08-94 0001.jpgFile:Flash Light.PNGFile:Flashlight.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:Gillian.PNGFile:Gun Zombi U Carabine Modèle 770
File:Hunter.pngFile:InfectedHorde.jpgFile:Infected Doctor.PNG
File:Infected Survivor.pngFile:Jammer.PNGFile:King Boris.PNG
File:King Boris?.jpgFile:Letter of John.PNGFile:Letters.PNG
File:M2 Turret.PNGFile:Maxresdefault.jpgFile:Model No.4 Mk.1 Carbine On Table
File:Molotov Cocktail.PNGFile:Mounted SA80.PNGFile:MyNewAvatar.jpg
File:Peter Knight.pngFile:Pin-UpCricketBat.jpgFile:Pin-UpCricketBatInHand.jpg
File:Preppe.jpgFile:Promo 1.jpgFile:Promo 2.jpg
File:Promo 3.jpgFile:Promo 4.jpgFile:Promo 5.jpg
File:Promo 6.jpgFile:PunkIsNotDeadCricketBat.jpgFile:PunkIsNotDeadCricketBatInHand.jpg
File:Rev zombiu-1.jpgFile:SB.TV - ZombiU - Games & GadgetsFile:Sarah's Voice.PNG
File:Screen 01.jpgFile:Screen 02.jpgFile:Screen 03.jpg
File:Screen 04.jpgFile:Screen 05.jpgFile:Screen 06.jpg
File:Screen 07.jpgFile:Screen 1.jpgFile:Screen 2.jpg
File:Screen 3.jpgFile:Screen Shot 2012-09-16 at 12.34.08 AM.pngFile:Screen Shot 2012-09-18 at 4.15.52 PM.png
File:Screen Shot 2012-10-02 at 8.11.16 PM.pngFile:Shambler.pngFile:Shovel - Locations
File:Special cricket bat.PNGFile:Spitter Infected.pngFile:Sprinter.png
File:Support.pngFile:Survivor Badge - I have ZombiU.pngFile:Team Fortress 2 - ZombiU Crossover (Source Filmmaker)
File:The Raven of Dee.PNGFile:The Ravens of Dee.pngFile:The helicopter of Raven of Dee.PNG
File:UnionJackFlagCricketBatInHand.jpgFile:Vikram's son.PNGFile:Vikram's wife.PNG
File:Vikram.pngFile:Vikram in the Comic.jpgFile:Walkthrough
File:Wii U - ZombiU Tower of London TrailerFile:Wii U - ZombiU TrailerFile:Wiki-background
File:Wikia Timetoplay Blog Footer-660x98-1.jpegFile:Wikia Timetoplay RRBadge-292x90-1.pngFile:Wikia video library-wordmark.png
File:Wikiquote.pngFile:Workbench.PNGFile:ZOMBI. Nailed baseball bat location.
File:ZOMBI2017-5-6-17-47-40.jpgFile:ZOMBI2017-5-6-17-47-51.jpgFile:ZOMBIU BOX SET WII U.jpg
File:ZOMBI - Emplacement Fusil à pompe M4File:ZOMBI - Emplacement UMP45File:ZOMBI Besta de Caça e KES XG Localização.
File:ZOMBI Localização Pistola silenciada p226.File:ZOMBI Localização da Escopeta tática M4.File:ZOMBI Localização da carabina Mk1.
File:ZOMBI Localização da escopeta automática 870.File:ZOMBI Localização da submetralhadora mp5.File:ZOMBI Localização do Taco de Beisebol.
File:ZOMBI Localização do Taco de Beisebol.-0File:ZOMBI Localização do Taco de Beisebol.-1File:ZOMBI Localização do Taco de Beisebol.-1449850846
File:ZOMBI Localização do Taco de Beisebol.-1449850869File:ZOMBI Localização do Taco de Beisebol.-1449850870File:ZOMBI Localização do Taco de Beisebol.-2
File:ZOMBI Localização do Taco de Beisebol.-3File:ZOMBI Model No.4 Mk.1 Carbine Location.File:ZOMBI Pá Localização.
File:ZOMBI SA80a2 e KES XXG Localização.File:ZOMBI Shovel Location.File:ZU Supermarket.jpg
File:ZombiU-Cricketbat.jpegFile:ZombiU- How to get UMP45 Machine GunFile:ZombiU.PNG
File:ZombiU - 2.jpgFile:ZombiU - Bricklane Flats Dee's Letter Location, Raven Door, 1414 Code, MP5, Capacity Upgrade Wii UFile:ZombiU - Gamescom Trailer UK
File:ZombiU - L'aventure Horrifique - Le metro Londonien - Episode 1File:ZombiU - Launch TrailerFile:ZombiU - Launch Trailer-0
File:ZombiU - Palace Interior- Hunting Crossbow Acquired (Secret Room) 1080 HD Gameplay Wii UFile:ZombiU - SA80A2 Assault Rifle Acquired & Zombie Tested HD Gameplay Wii UFile:ZombiU - Scanning with the GamePad
File:ZombiU - Survivors vs. ZombiesFile:ZombiU - Tower of London TrailerFile:ZombiU - Trailer - E3 2012
File:ZombiU - Vikram Petral Station, 870 Shotgun & Petral Acquired, Hacking Scanning HD Gameplay Wii UFile:ZombiU - Weapons - Hunting Crossbow HDFile:ZombiU - Zombie Swarm Gameplay - E3 2012
File:ZombiU - how to find the M4 shotgun and a dee letterFile:ZombiU Badge - I'm getting ZombiU.pngFile:ZombiU Developer Diary
File:ZombiU Gameplay Trailer NORTH AMERICAFile:ZombiU Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - HORROR & SCREAMS - Wii U GameplayFile:ZombiU Trailer NORTH AMERICA
File:Zombi P226 locationFile:Zombi U - H.S -3 - Carabine Modèle 770 ( Fusil a Lunette )File:Zombi U - Infected Survivor Hunting
File:ZombieU - MK1 Carbine Rifle Acquired, Molotov Cocktail Zombies, Newpapers, Pistol HD Gameplay Wii UFile:ZombieU - The Raven's of Dee Bunker AK-47, Black Prophecy, Bullet Spread Upgrade Acquired Wii UFile:ZombieU - Tower of London- Tower Pier Intro, 770 Carbine Acquired, Zombie Blasts HD Gameplay Wii U
File:Zombiu-pistol.jpgFile:Zombiu2.jpgFile:Zombiu 047.jpg
File:Zombiu how to get and use spray paintFile:Zombiu полицейский.jpgFile:Zombiukozgamepad.jpg
File:Zombiuspoilers.pngFile:Zu entrance.jpgFile:Zu interior.jpg

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