M2 Turret

The M2 Turret can be found in a few locations around the game, and are operated with the WiiU Gamepad.

The 1st is in the London Underground (the Safe House). It is located there to stop hordes of infected from tearing down the safehouse. The 2nd is located outside Buckingham Palace, where it is used against a horde of zombies while trying to enter the palace. Why the horde appears is unclear.

The M2 has a limited ammunition capacity and must be reloaded periodically. You can find ammo for it around the map, usually near the turret.

Real Life UsageEdit

The M2 Machine Gun is a heavy machine gun designed by John Moses Browning in the latter stages of World War I. It is chambered for the 12.7x99mm NATO cartridge (also known as .50 caliber) and is used in various roles within the many armed forces it serves in. The M2 has a fire rate of 450-600 rounds per minute and has an effective firing range of almost 2 kilometers. It is a very heavy gun weighing in at 38 kilograms, or just over 80 pounds; this makes the weapon less than ideal to carry around. With its heavy weight, the M2 is usually fixed on the ground or mounted on a vehicle and used in supportive roles. The powerful 12.7mm cartridge that it fires proves extremely deadly to infantry and poses a threat to even light and medium vehicles such as some armored personnel carriers. The versatility of the M2 was proven in World War II as it was used extensively by the United States in all branches of their military. Today the M2 is used all around the world by many countries and is a standard machine gun among NATO.

Within ZombiUEdit

The M2 turret within the game functions differently than in real life in several ways. 

  • The in-game version of the M2 fires at a much faster rate than its real counterpart.
  • The M2 in ZombieU is noticeably weaker than one would expect. It takes several shots in the head to take a Blighter down with the M2, putting its damage on par with the game's handguns. A 12.7mm round in real life is extremely powerful and could easily destroy a human's head and thus cease brain activity.