P226 Pistol
Base Statistics
Weapon Type(s) Ranged, Handgun
Damage 61
Fire Rate 0.26s
Reload 2.88s
Spread 2.85
Capacity 15
Scope? NO
Silencer? YES
Upgrade Statistics
Upgraded Damage 75
Upgraded Fire Rate 0.18s
Upgraded Spread 2.30
Upgraded Capacity 19
ZOMBI Localização Pistola silenciada p22600:53

ZOMBI Localização Pistola silenciada p226.

"The poor bloke that used this couldn't take it anymore. Make sure his death is avenged!"
- Doctor Knight

The Sig Sauer P226 Pistol  is a semi-automatic handgun in ZombiU. It shares Handgun Ammo with the L9A1 Pistol.


The P226 Pistol is the weakest weapon in-game (without an upgrade), even compared to the Cricket Bat. It also however comes equipped with the Silencer attachment meaning that it is the most silent handgun obtainable. It is advised that you use this weapon (with the flashlight turned off) when you want to be quieter so you can take out Infected one-by-one in wandering groups. It also has a higher ammo capacity than the L9A1 Pistol.


Mission 06: In a washroom stall, in the hands of someone who committed suicide in the Buckingham Palace underground. Be careful, as it's one of the few guns that can be easily missed, especially since it's never required to go down into the Washrooms


  • The P226 Pistol also known as the SIG Sauer P226, is used by the British Armed Forces and is designated L106A1.
    Zombi P226 location00:38

    Zombi P226 location

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