There are hundreds of possible combinations in-game. The known names and surnames are listed on this page.

First NamesEdit

Letter   No All The Possible Names                                  
A 12 Aiden, Aaron, Annabelle, Alexander, Andrew, Alfie, Austin, Archie, Amelia, Alexandra, Arthur, Alyssa
B 4 Ben, Bella, Blake, Bethany
C 7 Charlie, Caitlin, Charlotte, Connor, Caleb, Cameron, Christopher
D 2 Dexter, Daniel
E 13 Elliot, Elijah, Ella, Elsie, Erin, Eleanor, Emma, Eli, Elisabeth, Evie, Evelyn, Edward, Eris
F 3 Freddie, Finn, Felix
G 2 Gabriella, George
H 2 Harriet, Harrison, Henry, Harley
I 2 Isabel, Isaac
J 7 John, Jamie, Jasper, Jake, Jasmine, Jacob, Joseph
K 2 Kayla, Kai
L 11 Lacey, Lucas, Lucy, Lola, Liam, Leon, Louis, Lewis, Lexie, Lulu, Lilly
M 7

Molly, Mason, Matilida, Matthew, Megan, Max, Maria, Millie

N 2 Nathan, Noah
O 2 Olivia, Owen
P 3 Poppy, Patrick, Phoebe
Q 1 Quinn
R 3 Rhys, Robert, Rose
S 6 Sarah, Sebastion, Summer, Stanley, Samuel, Skye, Sienna
T 3 Toby, Theo, Thomas
U 1 Ursula
W 1 William
Y 2 Yasmin, Yolanda
Z 2 Zara, Zachary
Total 90 N/A


Letter No All The Possible Names
A 0
B 7 Bennett, Bell, Baker, Bailey, Barker, Butler, Brown
C 4 Cooper, Clarke, Cox, Campbell
D 2 Dee, Davis
E 2 Evans, Edwards
F 2 Foster, Fisher
G 2 Gray, Green
H 10 Hall, Hughes, Harris, Harrison, Hunt, Harvey, Hussian, Holmes, Hill, Hassan
I 0
J 2 Jenkins, James
K 4 Knight, Khan, Kelly, King
L 3 Lee, Lewis, Lloyd
M 8 Moore, Matthews, Mitchell, Marshall, Murray, Morris, Mason, Mills
N 0
O 0
P 3 Patel, Phillips, Palmer
Q 0
R 4 Rogers, Richardson, Russell, Richards
S 4 Singh, Smith, Stevens, Simpson
T 1 Thomas
V 0
W 7 White, Watson, Wilson, Wright, Wilkinson, Wood, Williams
X 0
Y 0
Z 0
Total 64 N/A

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