Remington Model 770
Model 770 Mod Menu Image
Model 770 Carbine Mod Menu Image
Base Statistics
Weapon Type(s) Carbine
Damage 220
Fire Rate 1.87s
Reload  ?
Spread 4.80
Capacity 5
Scope? 4x
Silencer? None
Upgrade Statistics
Upgraded Damage  ?
Upgraded Fire Rate  ?
Upgraded Spread  ?
Upgraded Capacity 8

The Remington Model 770 is a bolt-action, magazine fed, scoped hunting rifle in ZombiU. This weapon uses carbine ammo which is also used with the Model No.4 Mk.1 Carbine. This weapon can be found at the London Pier on the docks.

Compared to the Mk.1 Carbine, the Model 770 deals more damage (enough to consistently kill normal zombies with 1 headshot even in Survival Mode) and can be used to snipe enemies at long range with the scope, but has a lower magazine capacity (5 rounds compared to 10 rounds) and also has slightly more bullet spread when fired unscoped.

This weapon's rounds also pierces enemies.