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Saundra at the failed evacuation

'I'll contact you again,okay? I swear on the Seal of God"-Sondra after the Helicopter crash

Sondra Kelley is the leader of the secret society known as The Ravens of Dee. She believes in the words of John Dee, but not to the same extent as The Prepper. She presents the ill-fated opportunity to escape via helicopter at the Tower of London, assisting the escape by taking out infected with her rifle as you exit the Victoria Memorial and cross the roof of the Tower of London .


  • Several letters scattered throughout the game reveal that Sondra and The Prepper used to be in a relationship, although The Prepper currently despises her.
  • In one of the news papers its revealed that she also had a relationship with Ron Freedman, probably one of the reasons why the Prepper hates him.

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