ZU Supermarket

Supermarket view exterior

Zu entrance


Zu interior


The supermarket is a location in ZombiU

The supermarket is situated in the Brick Lane Markets near the beginning of the game. To enter the super market, the survivor must use the back entrance which will activate an alarm in case it is opened. 

This is also a good spot to find supplies such as ammunition, and food for health restoration. The food can be cakes or energy drinks, for example. As such, it's always a location to visit before entering the Brick Lane Apartments

Notable LootEdit

  • Hammer - Located in the Delli after exiting the freezer section.
  • Spread Upgrade - Located along the far wall when first entering the store, behind some shelves.
  • Molotov Cocktail - Two, located in the basement on a shelf near the CCTV box.
  • Various food items - Spread throughout the store.