Hi everyone! Exophesis here.

Yesterday I added a new poll and already it looks like it has proven quite popular and has shown us some interesting information.

As of the time of writing this, the stats are:

Yes - 14 votes (35%)

No - 6 votes (15%)

No, but I plan to get it - 20 votes (50%)

This shows some interesting information from the people who have visited the wikia. It seems like many people visit the wikia maybe to gain information on the game before purchasing (which reminds me that a "Reception" section needs to be added to the ZombiU page) or maybe to check out other peoples opinions on the game. But then we have "Yes" as the second place answer, which of course means people are viewing the wikia to either help with editing the information (if so then a big thanks from all of the wikia admins) or just generally looking for information that could help them through the game such as the weapon information. Then we also have 6 votes for "No", now I don't really know why these people are on the wikia but it could be to see if they want to get it, but then again might just be for a browse.

Anyway, thanks everyone who has participated in the editing of the wikia and who have contributed to the poll, it helps us understand what we need to do in the future to make this wikia much better. :D

(Exophesis (talk) 00:33, December 16, 2012 (UTC))

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