CONGRATS! YOU SURVIVED THE APOCALYPSE! Well I think in terms of the ZombiU developers, that might be a bad think as ZombiU seemed to thrive off the horror that was the Mayan Apocalypse...

Anyway, I've been spending all day playing through the King of the Zombies multiplayer - alone. I've been trying to play through so we can have some more information on the King of the Zombies wikia page including Survivor Gifts and Spawner Level Ups. Already got a good amount down, but I want to do some more before I'm sure that I'll be fine to update the page.

The new information should be up tonight, though might be delayed to tomorrow due to personal things.

Also, I think that it would be nice to get as much information down as we can before Christmas so that the people who get ZombiU for Christmas (or maybe even Hanukkah) can enjoy browsing through the waves of information that this wikia holds. On the note of Christmas, either Me or one of the admins are likely to do a Christmas update wishing you all a great time!

Like always, thanks to everyone who has contributed to the wikia or has generally just browsed around. You support us a lot!

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