My day with ZombiU has been interesting. First off, it's not the game everybody wanted. It is not worth buying the Wii U for. Some components of the game are great, but they just aren't pulled off right. I find the game feeling repetitive after a few hours, beating zombies with the same cricket bat I had been using for hours. Another thing that I found is that is is very frustrating. Every time you die, you spawn back in a safe hours that is sometimes very far from where you died at. I know it is the point of the game, but it doesn't work right. Once you get back to where your character died, either he is already dead (I don't know how) or he takes one cricket bat hit to the head to kill. On average, it takes 3 hits to kill a zombie with the cricket bat.

Anyways, that's all for the bad things. Here is a few things that I enjoyed.The integration with the Wii U gamepad was great. It really feels like it is my 'bug out bag'. The gamepad lets you do a variety of things, from picking locks to using it as a black light to see secret writings on the wall. Everything is not perfect with the gamepad though, I find myself redoing the same dragging movements from my inventory because the gamepad screen. It puts you at big risk and I have died a few times because of it. Maybe at least a warning that a zombie is coming on the gamepad would be great. Another great thing was the environment. It feels really scary. They pulled it off just right, it really does feel like you are in a zombified London. Some of the places are beautiful, such as the view of the London Bridge from the docks.

Overall, if I had to give it an official review, it would be about a 7.8/10. Stay tuned on ZombiU wiki for more to come including an official review.

Ryan05055 (talk) 14:16, November 19, 2012 (UTC)

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