ZombiU is a survival horror launch title for the Wii U. Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, the player assumes control of a various, randomly generated survivor as they attempt to escape the plague-ridden London. The game incorporates various uses of the new Wii U GamePad, with players needing to scavenge items, scan objects, and eliminate any undead opposition. The game includes a single player campaign and a multiplayer mode.

The verdict for ZombiU is in! And reception is divided all over the spectrum. To those who picked up the game, what are your thoughts? Do you feel criticism was too harsh, or not harsh enough? What elements of the game did you enjoy or not enjoy? Let us know in the comments!

Loved It



"The seamless integration of the GamePad hardware with the atmospheric gameplay is nothing short of a triumph, and Ubisoft deserves full credit for not only seeing the possibilities but capitalizing on them."



"It's difficult. It's dark. It deftly juggles genre conventions to do the unexpected. And it's exactly the kind of title that gamers have come to expect from new console launches, the kind of game that makes new console launches exciting."



"ZombiU is awkward, ugly, crawling in its pace, and often nonsensical with its narrative ... and I remember when horror games weren't ashamed of any of that, even actively exploiting it to create alienating, frightening atmospheres that stuck in a players' memories and made them too spooked to want to take another step forward. ZombiU did that to me."

Thought it was OK



"ZombiU has so many great ideas from looting with the Wii U GamePad to permadeath to its spooky setting, but none of them grow into a great game. Controls are clunky, melee combat is annoying, and the game doesn't look good."

Game Informer


"Gamers eager for a new experience tailored to the Wii U likely have their eyes on ZombiU. It shows off nearly every feature of Nintendo's new hardware, but the sum of these parts is a horrifying Frankenstein's Monster. Good zombie games are a dime a dozen these days, and I can't recommend ZombiU above them despite being the only undead shooter on the Wii U."

Hated It



"With an uninteresting world and dull combat, the survival horror game ZombiU is a weak link in the Wii U's launch lineup."

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