Vikram was a minor character in ZombiU. He lived in his house at the petrol/gas station with his wife and son. The Prepper claims that Vikram traded other survivors fuel for various tasks.

Part in StoryEdit

The Prepper had told you about Vikram, and that he trades fuel. When you arrive, he seems to be a bit unstable, believing you (the player) to be his son. He then sends you to get antibiotics for his "wife". When you return to his house, the gate is wide open and you find Vikram as one of them, eating his son in the living-room. You are then forced to kill him and then take his fuel.


  • When he is found as an infected he utters "" and "Please...Don't leave me like this"
  • It is unknown why and how he can speak.
  • It is unknown how he was infected or if he was already infected prior to your meeting.
    • Since the door is open when the player returns, it can be assumed that he tried to find his son or mistook a zombie for his son given his mental state then had gotten infected as a result and turned.
    • Another possibility is that his wife upstairs was a zombie and that he intended to use the antibiotics the player obtains to try and treat his wife of the infection, but while the player was gone, he was bitten while he was upstairs tending to his wife.
  • Judging by the way he encounters the player, believing that you are his son, can be presumed that his missing son left the house in search of supplies or news of the outbreak which was enforced by Vikram but since the son didn't return, Vikram's sanity deteriorated as a result of fear and guilt.
  • His mental state seems to reflect Andres from the 2004 film Dawn of the Dead given they both of their sanity's deteriorate due to a death and or illness in the family (Andres wife's infection due to a zombie scratch and baby daughter who died due to child birth and Vikrams possible missing son and ill wife), are both in denial of their child's death and are linked to a nursery themed area (Andre is found with his zombified family in area turned into a nursery for their baby and the player is directed to an actual nursery in order to find antibiotics).
  • Vikram is most likely of indian/pakistani/bangladeshi origin judging by his name. He might also be an immigrant (not born in the U.K.), as evidenced by The Prepper's comment (after you kill Vikram) about leaders throughout history who have blamed immigrants in order to distract the natives from the corruption of they're own politicians.