This page contains various coding and wiki features that can be used to enhance your userpage.


See Help:Tabber for more information.

You can place several pages' worth of content in a single page by using a tabber. In source mode, place the following code:

First Tab Title=
First tab sample text. Replace this with your own content.
Second Tab Title=
Second tab content goes here. Replace this with your own content.
Third Tab Title=
Third tab content goes here. Replace this with your own content.

Replace the titles and information with your own. |-| marks the end of a tab, it needs to be added at the end of every tab if you wish to add any consecutive tabs.

You can also put a tabber within another tabber by using the following coding:

First Tab = 
Example Text 1
Inner Tab 1 = 
Example Text 3
Inner Tab 2 = 
Example Text 4
Second Tab =
Example Text 2

<span class="countdown" style="display:none; text-shadow:0.2em 0.2em 0.7em">
Only <span class="countdowndate">November 18 2012 00:00:00 EST</span> Until the North American release of ZombiU (EST)

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